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B2 Audio RIOT12


Kicsi súly nagy teljesítmény! D2/D4

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75 900 Ft

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Light Weight with Heavy Weight Performance!

the answer for high demands, various applications & truly SQL. Priced reasonably, built by the same philosophy.

With dual 3″ voice coils, black multilayered oversized spiders w/spider rings, a basket that offers exceptional cooling, non pressed paper cones, you know you are getting value for money.

Specs like those are usually found in mid to high level subwoofers, so the IS series has nothing to stand shy of. Couple it up with the ability to work in both smaller sealed, ported & even bandpass boxes, you really get a Light Weight that can compete in any class

Power Handling: 750 w (1500 w*)
Sensitivity: 92.1 dB
Nominal Impedance: Dual 2 or 4 Ω
DC Resistance (Re): 1,9 Ω
Resonanse Frequency (Fs): 34,9 Hz
Vas: 62.2 L
Qts: 0.49
Qms: 5,49
Qes: 0,54
Voice Coil diameter:

Magnet weight



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