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229 990 Ft


Introducing the brand new high excursion blackdeath HEX subwoofers from VIBE Audio UK.

 Hex stands for high excursion and these latest subwoofers from VIBE certainly know how to move. 

 The hex subwoofers come in 2500w d1 3" voice coils in 12" and 15" diameter. And for the customer wanting somthing abit more powerful there is a 5000w d1 4" voice coil subs, available in 12,15 and 18" diameter!!

 The high excursion comes from a perfect combination of soft moving parts and MONSTROUS MOTORS!!. the 3" and 4" voice coils come in a staggering 75mm winding height. The huge winding height allows the woofer to remain in total control electrically while moving on its 2 way linier movement of 70mm peak to peak. The huge excursion and Xmax of this woofer allows the hex drivers to move huge amounts or air delivering incredible ground shaking bass and huge amounts or air pressure. The 10" NOMEX spiders allows definitive control of the woofer.

 The beautiful designed baskets with custom touches looks menacing and the ultra wide surround will intimidate those that come into contact with these incredible woofers!!!

Due to weight, this product will ship by pallet

Non Pressed Paper Cone

Wide Roll Dual Foam Surround

10" Quad Black NOMEX Spiders

8 awg direct cable connection

High Quality Y35 Triple stacked Ferrite Magnets

USA Built 4 Layer Flat Wound Voice Coil

Dual 1 Ohm Impedance


Cone Non-pressed paper cone

Surround Big roll foam - stitched

Dustcap Black PP

Voice Coil 3" diameter

Spider 4pcs black NOMEX

Gasket Rubber

Top Plate 25mm Black anodized 

T-Yoke 30mm Flat 

Terminal / Wire: 8 awg Cable

Impedance Dual 1 Ohms


Magnet 220mm x 110mm x 25mm 3pcs

TS Parameters

SD : 0.075m/2 

CMS : 0.06mm/N

MMS : 384.5g

RMS : 16.7ΩM

RES : 187.7

RP Zmax : 18.5

Nref : 0.39%

Fs : 28.1Hz

Vas : 66.3L

Re : 1.7Ω

QMS : 4.06

QES : 0.36

QTS : 0.33

BL : 17.9Tm

SPL : 88dB

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