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B2 Audio X2C18

B2 Audio

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674 990 Ft


X2C – Altering Perception of the Impossible

It started as a crazy idea based on a challenge. Hower we chose not to be bound by finances, but with a pure intent to move boundaries and make it a worlds first.

Every single part had to be designed to fit its purpose, while multiple custom toolings were made for our vision to become a reality.

High density fiber blended cones for stability and clean audio reproduction was chosen, the side benefit was to avoid flex with a huge 5″ coil opening. Tall winding, full aluminium, flatwound voice coils with ceramic coating for improved performance was designed to fit in the 1750 Oz massive motor. The 12″ wide triple full disc stacked slugs are no joke. Most other companies would use a sliced disc, as this lowers cost significantly, but performance won’t be as good. Join all these parts with a strong long throw foam surrounds which ensures longevity and you will have cornerstones of these unique subwoofers.

Worlds first

Due to the mere weight of the 15″(120 lbs / 54.5 kg) a worlds first heavy duty basket with multiple spider landings from 10″ to 12″ were designed and in the process we ensured optimal flow, part maintenance and that accessibility were incorporated. It seemed to be the start of a new era. An era that also created the XM, a subwoofer sharing many of the features of the X2C15 , but scaled down to a 4″ voice coil.

Should that not be sufficient, we expanding our in-house manufacturing, making it possible to offer a X2C24. Yes, you read it right, a 24″ subwoofer with the same motor and voice coil as the X2C15″ that changed the scene in 2014. As of 2015 all X2C subwoofers were hand built in Denmark & USA.

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